Tips for a great tan

Make sure your skin is exfoliated. Concentrate on areas such as knees, feet, elbows and ankles. Have a shower before your spray tan appointment — you need to remove all moisturiser and oils.  Wear lose clothing to your appointment — even go without a bra afterwards if you can. Remember to take thongs to not cause patchiness on your feet.
Nails- wear nail varnish as your nails on both hands and feet will discolour if they are unprotected.

  • Wait at least two hours before washing, and remember: the solution is clear. The true tan develops over the next 18 hours. Keep your water temperature at cool to warm and don’t scrub your skin. Instead, gently rinse your body (without a loofah or soap) and when drying, pat your skin rather than rub it.
  • Keep your body moisturised over the following seven days. You can’t stop the natural cycle of shedding skin cells, but you can keep your skin hydrated so that patchiness is reduced as your tan fades. To prolong and protect your color, add a gradual tanning Daily Moisturizer to your regimen.
  • It is recommended to avoid any chlorinated water such as pools or hot tubs as this will result in the solution bleaching out of your skin and your Quicktan Studio tan fading faster.  If you do wish to use a pool or a hot tub, do so only 24 hours after receiving your Quicktan Studio spray tan.
  • Build a tan in the weeks prior to a big event. Assess colour after a few applications, then, once desired hue is achieved, maintain tone for the days leading up to the big day with follow-up sprays. This method lends itself to a less drastic, more even glow.


Enjoy your fantastic new tan!


Don't do anything too strenuous after your tan. You don't want to sweat it off!

Don’t wash your hair directly before or after a tan, the damp hair can cause runs in the tan on your back. Wait at least 8 hours.

Don’t exfoliate a tan unless you want it gone!

Don’t shave or wax the day of your tanning session. Shaving closes the cells and makes it more difficult for your skin to absorb the tanning solution. Shave or wax the day before or day after.

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